Automated Assembly Cells

Piston manufacturing is at the forefront of our manufacturing capability. We have experience through every element of the piston manufacturing environment. A key part of this experience lies in the assembly of the piston, rings, pin, clips, and connecting rod.

Our systems range from freestanding, manually operated machines for low-volume applications to high-volume fully integrated systems for complete assemblies. In addition to the automotive market segment, we also support assembly applications in the midrange and heavy-duty engine assembly.

Our focus in machine design has been to keep things simple and flexible. Our latest generation of piston ring assembly equipment has a part-to-part changeover time of 15 minutes.

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Automated Assembly Cells Design, Build and Project Management

  • Integration of six- and seven-axis robots
  • Vision guidance
  • Equipment conforms to and is supported by ANSI Risk Assessment
  • Integrated conveyor systems using RFID tracking
  • Fully interlocked safety
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